"Centre les Labadous" now open with a new crew in charge

"Centre les Labadous" now open with a new crew in charge
Welcome dear friends!
It is a joy to inform you that Les Labadous is getting ready for a next chapter in its long history. For those of you who have previously spent time at this gorgeous place, be assured that the new team is looking forward to taking the best care of you visitors and of the place, in the spirit of Joke and Jaap, the long-time guardians of La Source, who are moving on to new frontiers. 
Whether you are returning to Les Labadous or considering a first time stay here, you can expect to find La Source to be what it says: A source for you to explore tranquility, history, cultural heritage, mystique… Come here to heal, to find your Source in this land steeped in sunshine and legends. 
At the resort we seek to provide a comfortable environment to you as an individual or a group, so you are free to find what you come here for.
We are looking forward to seeing you.


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