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Welcome to Centre Les Labadous! We are looking forward to accommodating you.


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will soon start working as the manager of Centre Les Labadous. 

She enjoys making guests feel at home, is creative and cordial, loves to connect people. 

What draws her to the area is its natural beauty and peace. 

She and her husband Johan have explored this region for years, and they love to share what they know. 






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is very fond of this part of France and enjoys telling you about its history and many hikes the area offers. 

Johan can also be booked as a guide for walks in nature.

He is welcoming, helpful, and enthusiastic. 






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Standing behind this active front row are two “elders” of Centre Les Labadous:

Christine and Martin

see themselves as guardians of the long tradition at this marvellous place.

Independent of their physical presence, they are committed to all those coming to Centre Les Labadous, whether for spiritual growth, transformation in life or simply peace and relaxation.





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                                                                                                                    11190  Rennes-le-Château

                                                                                                                    Tel:  (0033) (0)468 74 25 16


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